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I've been a stranger, and I plan to catch up on my f-page very soon....I've just been a little out of sorts lately....

Ya know, it's funny how you can be going through something, and you hear the most random shit from the most random place and it just....speaks so loudly to you.  This happened to me today while watching The Office, of all things.  And who knew, from all the places it could have come from, Michael Scott would have the right words for me:

"We're one of those couples with a long story.  I will see her from time to time, and maybe one year she'll be with somebody, and the next year I'll be with somebody, and it's gonna take a long time.  And then....it's perfect.  I'm in no rush....'"

My God.  Just....who knew.  It makes my heart feel just a little bit better.

Gonna try this....

Not sure if LJ will stop being a tool long enough but...I'm gonna try to post this.

Just watched the first four eps of Rookie Blue and....I really like this show!!  Haven't invested in the ships yet, but, like I said, only four eps in so...

I like the character dynamics, and the story lines are very digestible.  I think this is a show I will grow to love...

SO anyway, that's about it....


Way to get it together, LJ!!!

Jeez....I've been jonesing to post for like a week now....and now that I can, I don't have anything interesting to post about.  So...hi!

*runs away*

Early bird and all that jazz....

So....I was up before the sun this morning.  YAY CRACK VITAMINS!!! Lol....I've already done my stretching, my run, my resistance training, and my yoga.  And now I have a MASSIVE case of shin splints.... :(

I've taken ibuprofen, stretched out the muscles, and iced my legs down.  They're feeling much better, but still hurt quite considerably.  I was an idiot because I ran through the pain, and I know you're not supposed to do that.  But the run was feeling so good, I didn't want to stop because of my stupid legs.  Lesson learned, trust me....

I still just cannot believe how great I've been feeling lately.  I'm coming in to a new phase of my life, and it's so exciting and fresh and....kinda scary.  Transformation and change have never been easy for me....but I'm coming around to it!

Ok, enough rambling for now...gonna head out and figure out what to do with the rest of this beautiful day!!

Love you guys!!! :D

Dear F-List....

Wishing all the mommies out there the BEST DAY EVER!!!

Did that rabbit just poop jelly beans?


Anyway, even though I have been decidedly scarce from LJ lately, I wanted to wish my f-list a Happy Easter.  And if you don't celebrate, well.....Happy Sunday! May you enjoy lots of family and fellowship and rest and relaxation and.....however you choose to spend your day!
OMG LMFAO@ The Office.....

Anyway, wanted to check in today and say hi and what's up....

-Been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately....cuz it's mindless fucking fun and I'm easily amused.... :)

-I am totally broke this weekend, so looks like I'll be spending a nice quiet Saturday night at home....and while I'm not particularly happy about this, well....that's just how it is.

-I am currently discovering Castle.  Started watching s1 last night, and....I just might have a new favorite show!!  Me wants the hot hot.... :P

Nothing else really. I am a dullard lately.... :/

Hope you guys are well....have a great weekend!
LOL. Kidding. Well not kidding...just posting to prove that I am actually still alive.  I don't know why, but I just can't get in the posting mood.  Have been dicking around on Twitter more than usual, tho.  Meh...

Hope you guys are doing good.  I'm....okay.  Getting better all the time!!  And this week's SVU didn't hurt either. *is still flailing*


Hey guys...

I'm still kickin....just a lot quieter than usual.  That will probably change soon.  God, I hope so.

I was off work Friday, and was off today, so I've got to enjoy a nice long weekend.  Just long enough to let me know that I'm ready to go back to work.  Time off is not good for me, because I don't know how to use my time wisely.  Plus it just effs with my routine...

Got me a Netflix account (finally!), and I should be betting my first Prime Suspect DVD around Wednesday.  I plan to watch the entire series from start to finish, because I've wanted to see it for a long time.  And then maybe I'll tackle the entire Dr. Quinn series.  God, I used to love that show! It'll be a nice way to ride out the rest of this miserable winter.... :/

Not a lot else going on, really.  I hope you guys are doing well.  I've been keeping up with my f-page as well as I can.  Maybe I'll have something of substance to contribute soon, lol.  Like a story update....
I just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas to all my online friends!  Or Happy Holidays....however you choose to observe it, I hope it's a fantastic time for you.

I have been largely MIA for the past week or so, but I plan to change that in the days to come.  And do some writing.  And seek some advice from the best group of online pals in the world.  But, for now, I'm off to my best friend's house to deliver Christmas presents for her kids.  And have some beers...and some laughs.  I really need that right now....

Love you guys!!

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